My roles and responsibilites included Creative Direction, Ideation, and Design

Wireframing towards a solution

When tasked to redesign Trackr's website the first step was to iterate on ideas quickly. The best way to do that was by wireframing out the site and the message Trackr wanted to get across to potential customers.

Final Site Design

Trackr wanted to establish a web presence that would assert them as leaders in the tracking device space. It was important to showcase the sleek and stylish design of their Bravo device while showcasing relatable scenarios.

iOS App Design

We wanted to make the onboarding process informative but painless. Illustrations are a good way to keep things light while focusing in on the message.

Custom Icons

The Trackr device can be attached to any item. In order for users to indentify the items they care about we needed to create a library of icons to represent those items.

Trackr Bravo Packaging

Stepping outside my comfort zone I was asked to design packaging that would be in major retail stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

3D render created by William Rosenberry