Losing track of valuable belongings has become an all too common frustration. Recognizing this need, TrackR emerged as a pioneering company with a simple yet revolutionary solution – a compact device that enables users to locate their misplaced items with ease.

Creative Direction
web design
app design
Packaging design


As TrackR's technology continued to evolve, it became apparent that the existing web and app interfaces needed a significant overhaul. While the initial design had served its purpose, the changing landscape of user expectations and technological capabilities demanded a fresh approach. Users sought not only functional efficiency but also a more engaging, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing experience.


When tasked to redesign TrackR's website the first step was to iterate on ideas quickly. The best way to do that was by wire-framing out the site and the message TrackR wanted to get across to potential customers. TrackR wanted to establish a web presence that would assert them as leaders in the tracking device space. It was important to showcase the sleek and stylish design of their Bravo device while showcasing relatable scenarios.